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Chapter Membership

To our Chapter Membership, thank you for your support of ASHRAE!

On behalf of the ASHRAE Jacksonville Chapter, I would like to welcome you.

My hope is that we can provide value to you, your career and your company that supports you and ASHRAE.

ASHRAE Jax is well positioned to focus resources, activities and opportunities to our group of like-minded professionals.

ASHRAE Jax Chapter membership is about 260 strong and has a large geographic area, stretching from South-East Georgia, down to Palm Coast, west through the Ocala area to the Gulf, and finally extending up the coast to the Apalachicola River including the Tallahassee area.

Our membership primarily is in the greater Jacksonville area, but we also have strong member populations in Gainesville (35ish) and Tallahassee (25ish).

ASHRAE Jax sponsors events throughout the year for networking, continuing education credits, and professional development.

We typically hold monthly lunch meetings during the Fall, Winter and Spring at The River Club in downtown Jacksonville on top of the Wells Fargo Building.

We also host a dinner with the President of ASHRAE Society, Fall & Spring Golf Outings, a Clay Shoot, an Oyster Roast and a Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Game.

In addition, there are Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) happy hours and other events throughout the year for the 35 and under crowd and Student Activities for UNF, UF and FSU.

We send out schedules of activities and other mass correspondence via the Constant Contact platform.

If you have corporate or spam filters that typically block emails from Constant Contact, please advise and we can provide you with alternatives so you can stay in the loop.

Typically, the emails come from the email address "ASHRAE Jacksonville <>", so please make any arrangements to stop your email filters from throwing them into Junk Folder.

In addition to events, ASHRAE also offers opportunities for professional development and positions on the board to further your career.

At the Chapter level, there are committees you can join that have minimal commitment to get your feet wet.

For more involvement, you can become a Committee Chair and/or move through the Board of Governors and become Chapter President.

With some time in ASHRAE and some experience on your ASHRAE Bio, you can join Society Committees to enact international engineering standards.

ASHRAE’s stated mission is to serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields.

As a member of ASHRAE, you are part of the community of likeminded Engineers, Contractors, Suppliers, Facility Managers, Building Owners, Business Owners, Students, Educators and others.

You can learn more about ASHRAE and access your account & Bio at

As your Chapter BOG, we look out for our members to help engage them and provide value to complement the Society’s contributions.

We are all involved in ASHRAE for various reasons, but we are all here to serve the members like you.

My big ask of you is to remember your Chapter when it comes time to renew your ASHRAE membership.

Please select to contribute the $50 Chapter Dues and please try to renew in advance of the expiration date.

There is an easy-button for this via the auto-renew feature on the ASHRAE website:

Keep in mind that Society puts the Chapter Dues as an option when you renew, so it is easy to miss.

The Chapter Dues allow us to operate effectively toward our objective of having a successful Chapter.

You may pay Chapter Dues any time after renewal directly to ASHRAE Jax Chapter via check or credit card with an invoice that we can provide to you.

We are all volunteers that believe in supporting ASHRAE for various reasons.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Again, Welcome to the ASHRAE Jax Chapter and Thank You for your support of ASHRAE! 
Along with the other Chapter officers, I look forward to seeing you soon at a meeting!


Please reach out to me if I can assist you in any way with taking full advantage of the resources and opportunities that ASHRAE provides.

Best Regards,

Ben Wilder

2023-24 Chapter President

Please submit the form on the Contact Page to send us a message.

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