Government Affairs Committee

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The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is actively involved in providing current and relevant information to chapter members regarding local and state governmental activities where the design industry, energy initiatives, and building codes may be impacted.  The Committee promotes ASHRAE standards to governing officials by being actively involved in keeping local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues.

Since the establishment of the Government Affairs Committee in 2013, educating governmental officials has been the primary focus.  This has been especially true when considering the positive or detrimental affects potential alterations to building codes and/or energy codes may have in the design industry and energy sector. During the legislative session, we will schedule a Day on the Hill event, where volunteers meet with their state representatives to discuss how ASHRAE can be a resource for them, and to let them know their constituents are experts in topics related to the built environment, such as energy codes, refrigerant safety, energy efficiency in existing buildings, and indoor environmental quality. 

ASHRAE Atlanta members who are interested in taking a greater role in GAC's work should contact GAC Chair Meghan McNulty

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