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In May 1957, thirty-seven members, associate members and affiliates of the national organization of ASHAE Petitioned the Council to form the Jacksonville Chapter. Founding officers included: Burt Sayman, President; John Spence, First Vice President; and, George Israel, Jr., Secretary. Subsequent to the merging of ASHAE and ASRE in 1959 and the formation of regions within ASHRAE, the Jacksonville Chapter was part of Region IV. During the 10th Region IV dinner meeting at the "Old Original Bookbinders" in Philadelphia, PA, on January 29, 1979, Region IV members said good-bye to parts of their membership, including the Jacksonville Chapter, which were moving to the newly formed Region XII. The Jacksonville Chapter remains an active participant in Region XII.

Since its inception, the Jacksonville Chapter has recognized the need for socializing and fraternizing among members to strengthen the ties within the organization. The President's Ball , beginning in the early 1970's, has included Mexican Fiestas, luaus, beach parties and various other casual and formal affairs. The annual Golf Outing, since the early 1980's, has been held at many courses throughout north Florida with various awards and many stories of long drives, great putts and record numbers of lost balls! As the popularity of this event grew, we expanded our golf outing to a fall and spring event. In 2003, we added a fall and spring pool tournament to the chapter social events and 2007, in an attempt to engage the youth of the industry; Matt Orenchuk organized the first kickball tournament. The event did succeed in gaining participation by many of the youth and even raised profits for Research Promotion . The chapter has entertained its members and families with Fun and Games Family Outings, Casino Nights/Las Vegas Nights, guest speakers, picnics and much food. But nothing can compare with the Oyster Roast, a well-attended, annual event since 1972. It is by far is our highest attended event. In fact, we have members from other chapters attend this event!

From the thirty-seven founding members in 1957 to today's more than 300 supporting members, the Jacksonville Chapter of ASHRAE has developed traditions and established a strong organization with dedicated members of this honorable profession. In 2007, we enjoyed celbrating our 50th anniversary and we look forward to serving the Jacksonville HVAC&R community into the future.


In September 1894, a group of nationally known engineers, educators and manufacturers met in New York and agreed that, "the great art of heating and ventilating deserved and required recognition as an essential, distinctive and highly specialized division of modern engineering." These seventy-five (75) individuals became the nucleus of an organization they called "The American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers," or ASHVE.

Since that first meeting, the Society has had many changes as an organization including the following highlights

  • 1895 In January, the first annual meeting was held in New York City where the organization was incorporated.

  • 1895 The first annual Transactions were published.

  • 1915 The journal was issued as a quarterly publication.

  • 1922 HV&AC Guide was first published.

  • 1955 ASHVE changed to ASHAE (American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

  • 1959 The national organizations of ASHAE and ASRE (American Society of Refrigeration Engineers) merged to form ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.)

The Current and Past-Presidents of ASHRAE Jax Chapter are listed below.

Thank you to all that have served the Chapter and supported ASHRAE!

2023-24 : Ben Wilder

2022-23 : Austin Calcote

2021-22 : Matthew Furlong
2020-21 : Michael Crocco
2019-20 : Joshua Whitley
2018-19 : Steve LeBel
2017-18 : Brad Tepper
2016-17 : Erik Wright
2015-16 : Thomas Tidwell
2014-15 : Joe Nagy
2013-14 : James Ward
2012-13 : Julius Harden
2011-12 : Robert McClure
2010-11 : George A Israel IV
2009-10 : Kurt Liebendorfer
2008-09 : John Nelson
2007-08 : Frank Mangin
2006-07 : Stew Sedgwick
2005-06 : John Hale
2004-05 : Joey Robinson
2003-04 : Ron Kessner
2002-03 : Scott R Bohn
2001-02 : Ben Cole
2000-01 : Eric P Lentz
1999-00 : Larry Turknett
1998-99 : Bryan Finch
1997-98 : Glenn T. Grinnan
1996-97 : John M. Lavelle
1995-96 : James D. Worth
1994-95 : Alan Korb
1993-94 : Suzanne LeViseur
1992-93 : David Boree
1991-92 : Carl Corneally
1990-91 : Ed Grey
1989-90 : Neal Taylor
1988-89 : Robert (Mac) Coble
1987-88 : Fred Wheeler
1986-87 : Dennis Mahin
1985-86 : Lynne Gailbraith
1984-85 : Barney von Herrman
1983-84 : Lane Jackins
1982-83 : Ben Liebtag
1981-82 : Jan Thompson
1980-81 : Gary Wingfield
1979-80 : Vince Wasack
1978-79 : Ben Bryan
1977-78 : Jim Baker
1976-77 : Bob Baker
1975-76 : Roy Colson
1974-75 : Al Hospers
1973-74 : Jim Grinnan
1972-73 : Bob Myers
1971-72 : Bo Beckwith
1970-71 : Loyd Davis
1969-70 : Frank Houser
1968-69 : Dick Goettling
1967-68 : Mac Newell
1966-67 : Dave Atkins
1965-66 : W.W. Gay
1964-65 : Earl Kelly
1963-64 : Frank Griffo
1962-63 : Al Duffek
1961-62 : Walt Van Wagenen
1960-61 : Paul Stewart
1959-60 : Jim Hammond
1958-59 : John Spence
1957-58 : Burt Sayman


1957 Founding Officers    
President : Burt Sayman
Vice President : John Spence
Secretary : George Israel, Jr.


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