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ASHRAE Jax Board of Governors

ASHRAE Jacksonville Chapter Board of Governors

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The Board of Governors consists of the chapter's elected officers, the most recent past president and other members elected by the membership in accordance with the chapter's bylaws. The Board of Governors manages and conducts the affairs of the chapter in accordance with the bylaws of the chapter and has supervision and care of all property of the chapter. It presents to the members at the annual meeting a general statement on the work of the year and the condition of the chapter. The Board of Governors must meet once each month, at a designated time that does not conflict with other chapter activities.

The Board of Governors, at its first meeting, should review the chapter bylaws to be sure that the current operations of the chapter are in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws. If any of the procedures deviate from what is written in the Model Chapter Bylaws (Appendix DD1), or from the list of acceptable deviations (Appendix DD2), the bylaws should be amended to reflect current practice. (See Appendix DD3, Procedures For Updating Chapter Bylaws.) If there is any question as to whether or not the bylaws should be amended, please address them to your DRC or to the C&BL Staff Liaison at Society Headquarters, who will consult with the C&BL Committee for advice.

Note: The Chapter Constitution and Bylaws has been combined into one (1) document and is the universal guidelines for ASHRAE chapters and ASHRAE groups. The five (5) year review of the chapter's bylaws are no longer required, however, if your current bylaws change, you must submit a copy of the signed document to Society headquarters each time a change is made to the bylaws. (08-06-23-10)

Prior to the installation of officers, the Board of Governors will appoint from among the active members of the chapter three auditors to examine and certify the accounts of the treasurer. No officer or member of the Board of Governors is eligible to serve as an auditor.

ASHRAE Jacksonville Chapter Secretary

The secretary takes part in all activities of the chapter, particularly as a record-keeper. The secretary is responsible for the matters listed below. The work may be lightened, if certain details are delegated to other responsible members.

Specific tasks which are the secretary's responsibility are:

A. Act as secretary for the business part of each chapter meeting and for meetings of the Board of Governors.

B. Function as a member of the Board of Governors; keep all chapter records; act as liaison between the chapter and Society Headquarters.

C. Be familiar with "Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)" (Appendix S available on the ASHRAE website) for conducting business sessions.

D. Maintain a record of each member's attendance and chapter activities for use of the Nominating Committee. 

E. Send separate minutes of the chapter meeting and the Board of Governors' meeting to the Regional Chair and the Regional Vice Chair of                Chapter Technology Transfer within three weeks of each meeting. The standard form (Appendix I) may be copied from the Manual for Chapter        Operations, or you may retype a facsimile of the standard form.  Use a separate form for the board meeting, the chapter meeting and the                section  meeting. Clearly identify the meeting for which each set of minutes is recorded.

F. Keep lists of members and prospective members up to date, cooperating with the Membership Promotion Committee.  Certify to the Board of        Governors that all chapter members are bona fide members of the Society.

G. Obtain and distribute forms, supplies, etc., as needed. Certain supplies may be obtained from Society Headquarters. 

H. Act for the Board of Governors in taking charge of all property of the chapter, such as the charter, bylaws, banners, projectors, etc.

I. Arrange for printing and mailing of meeting notices. 

J. Promptly notify the officers, nominated candidates and members of all committees of their selection, nomination or appointment. 

K. Complete the online Chapter Information Questionnaire on the ASHRAE website, and email to Society Headquarters, prior to June 1                         (fall  CRCs); February 15 (spring CRCs) of each year. 

L. Be responsible for preparing a chapter roster. A copy of this roster must be sent to the Regional Chair (where applicable).  

M. An updated roster of chapter members can be downloaded using the online reports from the ASHRAE website. (see Section 8.6.G., Chapter           Reports, Steps for Accessing Chapter Reports) (09-01-26-04)

N. Make certain that the Regional Chair receives a copy of chapter correspondence (where applicable).

O. Perform other functions as outlined in subsequent parts of this manual.

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