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Get Involved!

ASHRAE offers volunteer opportunities for professional development and positions on the board.

At the Chapter level, there are committees you can join that have minimal commitment to get your feet wet.

For more involvement, you can become a Committee Chair and/or move through the Board of Governors and become Chapter President.

The opportunities for volunteers looking to hold Committee Chair or Committee Member positions in the Jacksonville Chapter are in the following areas:

Click Here to see current members serving in leadership positions. 

Board of Governors - The BOG is a 5-year pathway to serve the chapter as the leadership. You would progress from Secretary to Treasurer, then Vice-President, President-Elect and finishing as the Chapter President.

Research Promotion Committee – Develop and assist with programs that will help to encourage financial commitments for ASHRAE Research Initiatives. 

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee - Primarily role is finding speakers for our monthly meetings that engage the membership. Officially, they provide efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry to and from the Jacksonville chapter, mainly in the form of chapter meetings. 

Government Affairs Committee – Help notify the membership about our governing bodies on ASHRAE related topics.

Communications Committee – Help reach our members through newsletter, website, and social media.

Student Activities Committee – Help promote and encourage students to join the HVAC/ASHRAE industry at higher education learning facilities and K-12 schools. 

Membership Promotion Committee – Work to recruit new members and enrich the current membership’s involvement.

Website Host - Keep everyone informed by updating the website

Chapter Historian - Typically this position is held by the past-president of the chapter.

Guest Speaker - Share your expertise and knowledge on technical topics for our monthly meetings.

Sponsorship Opportunities - Sponsor students to attend our activities and events and/or sponsor, promote, attend events and much more…

Please submit your name and a message to our Contact Page to volunteer and get involved!

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